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Resolve to Update Your Library

As the relentless march of time and technology continues, libraries must remain vigilant in their pursuit of aligning with the evolving needs of their communities. It is incumbent upon them to contemplate the possibility of crafting a strategic or master plan, or embarking on a thorough examination and revitalization of their physical spaces. In this transformative endeavor, the experience and wisdom garnered over decades by the American Library Association (ALA) can serve as a valuable guiding light, steering stakeholders toward a prosperous outcome.

Start the Journey

The foundational step in this journey involves a comprehensive evaluation of the existing library space and the services it currently offers—or perhaps more significantly, the services it does not. It necessitates a discerning gaze upon the elements that must be augmented, and conversely, those that might need to be relinquished.

Library Planning

To make improvements and innovations, our focus must be resolutely fixed upon the horizon of future requirements. Questions of paramount importance encompass matters related to social collaboration spaces, the accessibility of reference materials, and the integration of cutting-edge technology. With these questions as our lodestar, we shall proceed to meticulously craft a program and design that aligns with these emerging demands, all within the framework of a carefully calibrated timeline and defined phases, each punctuated by specific milestones of progress.

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In this endeavor, ACA stands poised to collaborate with you, extending our expertise to:

Review Existing Conditions

A thorough examination of your current library’s space, services, and staffing, to gain a clear understanding of the foundational elements that form the starting point for your transformation.

Contemplate Future Needs

Deliberation on the future landscape, contemplating what is necessary to bridge the existing gaps. This might include the creation of more collaborative spaces, a reevaluation of the number of print titles, or an expansion of programming rooms, all geared towards ensuring the library remains a dynamic and relevant institution.

Craft a Program and Design

The development of a comprehensive program and design, thoughtfully tailored to address the identified needs and propel the library into a modernized state, well-equipped to serve its community.

In the ever-evolving landscape of libraries, where time and technology are the prevailing forces, it is our steadfast commitment to guide you through this transformative journey, ensuring your library not only keeps pace with the present but also pioneers the future of community engagement and knowledge dissemination. Starting a library or planning to improve an existing service? Contact Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD (library consultant)