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School Libraries and Academic Innovation Labs

As we begin the new school year, we would like to take the opportunity to share one aspect of how a school or academic library can make a difference in the lives of each student. Libraries can inform classroom instruction, and provide innovation/design thinking space to strengthen skills-based remediation. School & academic libraries can help coordinate with campus leaders to support the faculty, building their design thinking spaces and services.

At Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD we gather school data and help the academy learn how to apply best practices, resources and educational research. To achieve this end, school librarians work with us to understand their user needs. They research strategies to enhance the learning environment including collection needs, classroom / lab applications and learning disabilities support.

Library Planning and Innovation

When we analyze the outcomes for students and faculty our library design methods can go one step further and translate these findings into applicable programming for the student spaces, sharing this research not only with campus leaders and faculty, but also educators, fundraising, advancement and professionals nationally and internationally. When we use this type of design thinking for programming, libraries can start to offer new types of services and environments – spaces to enhance research and innovation.

Academic and School librarians need to know that they are part faculty & part innovator. They can function across all campuses with thoughtful and strategically planned design thinking opportunities that aim to deepen understanding and equip teachers with proficiency in utilizing research-based remediation methods.

Our school library programming and academic service planning designs efforts include opportunities for faculty members to engage with one another, collaborate and problem solve, while delving into the cognitive science of learning and behavior. Our comprehensive programming supports faculty with professional design thinking, planning & learning workshops. We offer a methodology to improve the impact of your school or academic library services.

Design Thinking Methods for Workshops

Below is a picture developed on School Library Journal from the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design in conjunction with the Stanfords D School in Innovation Lab Brings Design Thinking to Schools Hasso Plattner Institute of Design

According to Sam Seidel at the the Stanford D School, over 800 school leaders have participated in our School Retool fellowship or design thinking innovation programs. They explore the use of Innovation labs and services utilizing aspects of design thinking. They transform their school culture with the goals of increasing equity and deepening learning.

For students, design thinking in the library can be a fun and freeing new way to learn. To be able to transform your library and learning center into an innovation lab – a place where students can explore their skills multiple days a week. Contact Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD to start planning your innovation lab