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Strengths for Libraries

It’s clear that libraries play a crucial role in community and academic development. Certainly, the pandemic has impacted the traditional concept of the “library as place.” As we anticipate the bounce back of library usage, it’s essential to strategize for growth in 2024. At Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD, we are addressing the needs of library user spaces, particularly adults seeking spaces for study, learning, and skill-building.

The Urban Libraries Council developed the library insights survey to understand service planning trends between 2019 – 2022. The survey found that library attendance was down -25% and e-book use was up 33%. Notably, this is the first solid evidence that a library’s strength includes a combination of physical and remote support. Learn more about adaptable design from our library planning post.

Library Service

Libraries need to build on their core strengths:
1. Purpose
2. History & Memory
3. Growth
4. Care
5. Self Realization

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Programs to Support Success

Above is an example, of a library shelving and self service set up that can be configured to support a local community. We can help configure your library resources to support any academic resource and community. We can help you develop remote services.

Library Space for Learning

Across all the libraries in the world, people consistently use library spaces for learning. However, people want to go to places that are healthy and dynamic. Our latest research illustrates the need to create participation or feedback loops. Certainly, adult collaborative space is a key to a successful library. Our analysis reveals that generating group space will increase library services.

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Library Architecture Steps

Below are the steps you can take to improve your library. They are focused on building and planning library spaces. Note, our needs assessment which includes a service plan is included in this type of analysis.

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Knowledge Management

It is common for knowledge management professionals to evaluate library services and activities. For example, we will analyze the service levels, rating every space as low, average and high performer. We help older libraries and traditional library services change. We help libraries consider the context that person is in, and the spaces required. We help to re-program libraries that need adapt. We have been successful converting the spaces to adapt to digital work as well as computing, reading and making things, etc.

Digital Library Use

Across all libraries, e-book and digital collections use is up. The digital materials are making coordination of resources a challenge as libraries move away from owning their materials to leasing the latest releases. Interestingly, it may be more cost effective to lease an e-book and get a subscription than to pay for a perpetual license. Basically, open access collections are gaining traction as the prices continue to rise.

Service Strength

My firm found that libraries strengths are built up through library planning engagements. When you invest in your service plan, your organization can adjust to this new paradigm. For example, the library collections are in a static state, creating pain-points. This is a symptom that you need to engage in a library master plan. Importantly, we can help you improve the layout of the library to the needs and styles of the people who want to use the library.

How exactly do to you encourage your community to use the library? What are your strengths? How can your library plan for the future?

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