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The Library Incubator / The New Digital Canvas

We are developing a knowledge base on how to leverage virtual collections in the physical environment. There is a potential to create presentation spaces in the library for both information literacy and knowledge sharing. At Wentworth Institute of Technology, we developed a concept of the media tower. Was this a futuristic idea? Or has the time come for new ways to visualize information?

Library environments include collections, seating and staff spaces. The collections are placed on different types of print shelving from face out displays for periodicals to 7-shelf high stacks for books. Some of the questions we are researching:

Is it possible to create serendipity in the Library environment; as books on shelves do, with microtiles?

Could we develop interactive environments that support scholarly learning and information literacy programs? How would it be staffed?

Could we develop interactive environments for early learning, teens, adults and seniors? How would it be supported?

The media wall is a large screen environment that allows for touch screen as well as xbox connect interactions. It can be used for collaboration in a performance or presentation mode. At the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, they developed the Float4. It is a good example of how you can create a learning incubator.

Also, take a look at the work at Christie Microtiles. Below is a Photo from the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.