Library Planning Research

Transforming Library Space and Services

Transforming the education experience requires design thinking strategies – a process that connects people, services, programs, and spaces — services that are available in person and online. Together with our clients, we analyze how to create learning spaces and services. We know that libraries encourage student success and improve research support. We also know that the modern library needs to justify its existence. Our process to uncover user needs, providing strategies to make the library more productive while making the buildings more efficient and user friendly is our mission.

More than 600 colleges and universities have used our library programming services over the last 50 years. Each project helped answer a practical and functional design problem. They helped our clients build their own space and library service strategies.

When you invest in library programming, you to be able to transform the student, faculty, and staff experience. You are able to build on your strengths, create opportunities including partnerships. We you allow community criticism to be channeled into improvement strategies.

Because our work includes library public service planning and managing change, our library master plans include new types of learning spaces and advanced operations programs.

What sets Aaron Cohen Associates Library Consultants apart our their ability to handle a difficult problems. We work on library science issues that are not fully understood. We know how to integrate public services, designing IT technology services, user experiences and transforming the library collection.

By facilitating design thinking workshops, we provide opportunities to get direct input from stakeholders and we use this data to analyze the libraries services and spaces.

Public Libraries, colleges and universities are facing new challenges – there are social, demographic, and technological shifts that require every library to analyze its impact. Because things are changing, we help our clients gather valuable data and help answer questions like – how do students work in my library? What should my staff do to improve reference services and access services?

Adapting library services to the future requires new ideas. One area we are analyzing is the Co-working space.

How is it used?

Does it provide a diverse, accessible, sustainable, and accountable space for groups to meet?

What are the challenges the academic institution faces today? How are they going to transform the student, faculty, and staff experience?

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD helps libraries to meet new challenges with innovative tools, a proven process, and a talented library consulting group.