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Trust: A Vital Part of Teamwork

According to The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek, “If you want to follow a health regime, we may choose to follow some of the practices but not all of them.” For example, one can exercise, but have a bad diet. Libraries are also struggling with this type of challenge as they try to provide services and support the community. They can create new plans for the library space, but they will not be able to fix all the problems. An “infinite” strategy is required.

Simon Sinek has developed a new website with online courses that can help librarians, library staff and leadership. It shows ways to outline strategies for trusted teams, and begin to resonate with your users. Libraries are a natural source of such teams: book clubs are one example. A library that supports this service is going to have a dedicated reading community.

Blended Learning Takes Center Stage

Library users are interested in both online resources and in-person collaboration. A few years ago, we began to focus on blended learning in libraries: this combination of in-person and digital resources. The more classes that were launched online, the more digital collaboration required. We noted that librarians, teachers, academic support staff and students create “trusted teams,” and work effectively. We considered this team concept as we developed our library programs. Although they defined the space required, they also outlined a new service paradigm.

The Importance of Trust

A true team doesn’t just work together: they trust each other. Libraries are built on this idea: we share collections, buildings and research. We are a community of users who value education and culture.

Libraries that shows superior performance depends not only upon the type of user, but their activities – are they building trust? We provide physical and virtual strategies for growth, applying service models to make sure you are building on your strengths. CONTACT US

Libraries have to build on trust in times of crisis. In complex times, design thinking will enable your library to perform better than your individual goals or internal team can perform. Extending your communities of practice and building a strategy team will help you develop a safe space and trusted teams. Below is a diagram that illustrates a digital strategy work example.Turst:


Recommended Video: Trust – Infinite game by Simon Sinek
“When we work on a Trusting Team we feel safe to express vulnerability.