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Why should you conduct an organization-wide library assessment?

Conducting an organization-wide library assessment to gather data and input regarding employee demographics, perspectives, and experiences can be a valuable way to understand the needs, concerns, and experiences of your employees. Here are some steps you can follow to conduct this assessment:

Develop Goals

Determine the library’s goals and objectives of the assessment: What do you want to learn about your community? What actions do you hope to take as a result of the assessment? What are digital services? How do we design them into the user experience?

Identify the stakeholders in your community: Who should be involved in the library assessment process? This might include library professional and staff members at all levels of the organization, as well as HR professionals, managers, and others.

Library Planning Methods

Develop a library plan: Determine the methods you will use to gather data and input, such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, or a combination of these. Consider the resources you will need, including time, personnel, and budget. Our library consultant provides expertise for both digital and physical library collections and seating/space designs.

Library Data Gathering

Gather data about your Library: Use the methods you have identified to collect data and input from library staff. Be sure to explain the purpose of the service planning assessment and ensure that all employees have the opportunity to participate.

Analyze the data:
Once you have collected the data, analyze it to identify patterns, trends, and areas of concern.

Library Consultant Presentations

Present findings and recommendations to the Leadership Committee: Prepare a report or presentation that summarizes the findings of the assessment and provides recommendations for action. Our library consultant will share the report with the community stakeholders, including library staff and management. We will be an independent voice supporting your vision.

Outcomes Based Work

Take action: Based on the findings and recommendations of the library assessment, take action to address any issues or concerns that were identified. Results of our work include: implementing new policies, diversity, equity and inclusion training programs, or other initiatives.

It’s important to involve the whole library in the assessment process and to ensure that their input is considered in any decisions that are made as a result of the library service assessment. By hiring a library consultant, we will gather information for you to act on. The result – you can create a more positive and supportive library environment for your community.

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