Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD


Aaron Cohen Associates, Ltd. is an experienced architectural partner in library planning and design. Our collection development expertise encompasses a comprehensive spectrum, with a focus on robotic shelving and storage solutions, collaborative meeting room design, and the intricate details of interior layout strategies, including traffic flow, ergonomic furniture and automated equipment placements, optimized workflow efficiency, lighting, acoustics, and color coordination.

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD

Beyond these architectural and design considerations, we extend our support to help libraries assess and analyze their service planning needs, digital resource requirements, and access resource necessities. We work diligently to streamline library services and operations, enabling you to plan and secure the necessary resources for your library's growth strategies. Our overarching objective is to create a functional, welcoming, and harmonious value system that caters to the diverse needs of both users and staff.

With Aaron Cohen Associates, you can be confident in our commitment to making your library an inviting and efficient hub for learning and research.

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD


Our library consultants use a technique called the Visual Scan to measure community needs by conducting a facilitated tour of the library environment with community members. For new building projects, expansions and renovations, our consultants use this information to provide future-oriented design solutions such as learning spaces, collaborative seating concepts, and learning commons designs.


"Every time I walk into the CW Post Library, I breathe and think how welcoming a place. You guys made that happen." - J.Kane, VP for Academic Affairs, Long Island University.

"With a 'justification foundation' based loosely on the work that Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD all did for Manchester, CT over 20 years ago, the taxpayers in November approved $39 million in a bond referendum which, when combined with some other millions we've received in grants, will build a new approximately 75,000 sq. ft. main library at a new location in downtown." - Doug McDonough, Director Manchester CT Public Library.

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD


Our Library planning research includes an analysis of the library site and distribution of Library services.


Our library consultant uses GIS professionals to study the demographic and geographic area. We gather feedback, we conduct focus group research and survey communities. Basically, we work closely with library staff to ensure they have a voice in the development of the library building and learning environments.


We estimate project costs and develop building options for library construction.  We can help estimates project costs. We can develop conceptual building options for library construction, and assist in the RFP development, bid process, design selection, schematic design review, project schedules and construction budgets. We also have experience in archival storage, particularly for special and unique collections. We conduct feasibility studies for library staff, seating, and collections.

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD

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Library buildings are going through extraordinary changes. They are transforming from traditional libraries into library + culture house. That is why it is imperative to develop flexible seating configurations for group collaboration and classroom instruction. We also believe it is important to develop individual spaces to ensure there is a quiet space for all who want to do research.

Our approach includes an assessment of library resources, staff, seating and collection capacities. We work with librarians, library boards, community planners and leaders. Your strategic plan might require a renovation, reorganization or new addition. We specialize in library buildings, service planning, IT and mobile technology.