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Many factors alter the success of a library project. Our library planning experience enables us to assess and analyze the library's space needs. Our team creates a building program, which includes a series of profiles including seating, collection, technology and staff needs. The information is used to determine the size and scale of library operations. The profiles help us model the collections, operations strategies and library space plans. Our work enables the library or learning spaces project team to develop funding to support both physical + virtual growth strategies.



Our professional library consultants methodically measure community needs through a technique called the Visual Scan. This is a facilitated tour of the library environment with community members (students, faculty, researchers, public, etc.). For new building projects, expansions and renovations, our consultants (researchers) share future-orientated learning spaces, collaborative seating concepts and learning commons designs.

We have a full library of library space plans that we share with our clients. We facilitate program and design concept reviews and share best practices. We develop physical and virtual service options to control costs as well as develop innovative service options. The outcomes enable the library project team to reflect and initiate new service plans. It provides the team with innovative solutions that can transform the learning environment, build efficiencies and improve operations.

We analyze library staff, operations, services and facilities, technology and storage options. We analyze collection development plans, clarifying the requirements for investments in the library. We can create a clear and compelling case for funding the transformation of your library, learning commons or learning space.

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"Every time I walk into the CW Post Library, I breathe and think how welcoming a place. You guys made that happen." - J.Kane, VP for Academic Affairs, Long Island University.


Our Library planning research includes an analysis of the library site and distribution of Library services.


We study the demographic and geographic area with GIS professionals. We do focus group research and survey communities. We work with the library staff so that they have a voice in the development of the library building and learning environments.


We estimate project costs and develop building options for library construction.  We support RFP development, bid process, design selection, schematic design review, project schedules and construction budgets.

We have vast experience in archival storage: special and unique collections.

We provide feasibility studies for library staff, seating and collections.

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Our Library Programs include:

  • Reference
  • Circulation
  • Collections
  • Technology
  • Collaborative work spheres
  • Program/training spaces
  • Seating
  • Staff workspaces
  • Technical service areas
  • Storage
  • Design guidelines
    • Lighting
    • Acoustics
    • Wiring
    • HVAC
    • ADA
    • LEED

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Library buildings are going through extraordinary changes. They are transforming from traditional libraries into library + culture house. That is why it is imperative to develop flexible seating configurations for group collaboration and classroom instruction. We also believe it is important to develop individual spaces to ensure there is a quiet space for all who want to do research.  

Our approach includes an assessment of library resources, staff, seating and collection capacities.

We work with librarians, library boards, community planners and leaders.

Your strategic plan might require a renovation, reorganization or new addition. We specialize in library buildings, service planning, IT and mobile technology.