New Building Projects - Renovation or Addition to Existing Buildings - Service Planning

Do you have a budget for your library building project?

What  methodology will you use to achieve your service planning goals?

How will you uncover potential problems with your library building design?

What is your library's shelving capacity?

What are your staff space requirements?

How will you incorporate digital workspaces, meeting and group study spaces into your library plan?

How will reorganize your collection to increase its accessibility?

What services should  your library provide?

Is your strategic plan reflective of your library building plan?

Does your master plan match the future mission, vision, and goals of your institution?

If you are interested in our services send us an email, we will send you a service planning proposal.

Librarians, architects and administrators should be in control of the building project. For Architects we save studio time and money! 

When our team has been selected for a project we work to smooth over issues. We work with the client to simplify the plan.  We work with librarians to determine the facility goals, objectives and strategies. 

School Planning Projects: Harpeth Hall is a private school library. It is a good example of how a learning community needs a library. Study spaces help nurture small groups and collaboration. 

District and System Planning Projects: The 52 libraries in Buffalo and Erie County was a difficult challenge. Economic realities required a better future for the system and community.  Our consultants believed that the library can be a regional system, but its overall goals must increase access to its local community. 


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Library Service Planning: Since 2001, we have developed service planning reports for digital asset management. We have researched its connection to collaborative spaces, group study and meeting centers. We updated our print requirements (linear feet shelving & square feet dimensions) to ensure print collections are orientated in the correct location and the flow the library is balanced.

Our building program and service planning team work to develop effective and efficient uses of library space. 

Strategic Planning Projects: In 1979, we established the library planning process by authoring two books on Designing and Space Planning for Libraries - R.R. Bowker.  

Research Planning Projects: In 1982, we programmed the presidential library for J. Carter. Since then we have programmed bases, research facilities, and governmental departments (Recently: Commerce, FDA, NASA, NAL).

International Planning Projects: In 1988, we started a 14 year relationship to help develop the National Library of Singapore. Please visit our latest project National Library of Greece. 

Academic Planning Projects: In 1998 we started working with Long Island University.  Our eight-year relationship enabled us to develop new library designs including innovations in collaborative workspaces and distance learning services. 

Public Library Projects: Each state requires a different set of benchmarks and standards.  Our guidelines have been used Nationally for 48 years.  Indeed, the Wisconsin standard uses many of our planning definitions.