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Do you have a library or common learning space that needs to be changed, but you don't know how?

collaborative space

Most people would agree that there is such a thing as human territoriality - if they understood what it was. Since the 1960's, an increasing number of researchers have been examining the concept of human territoriality. The personal space distance includes public space, home space and interactional space. The latter defines spaces like libraries, museums and public gathering spaces. Depending upon the interpretation, these territories may be large or may describe only the space around the user experience.

collaborative space

Distance Zones Help Define Library Programming and Services.

Intimate distance: up to 18 inches away. Sometimes the distance is forced, as on a crowded subway or bus).

Personal distance: 18 inches to 4 feet away. Here, the eyes can easily focus and the normal details of the other person are seen.

Social distance: 4 to 12 feet away. Body heat, breath odor, and other intimate features are not noticeable.

Public distance: 12 to 25 feet or more.

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