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We can provide you with information on best practices, industry standards, and design principles relevant to library planning and design. This can include insights on space planning, furniture selection, technology integration, and accessibility considerations.

Our experience utilizing collection development technology and design tools helps deliver comprehensive solutions for library building projects. Our expertise researching different types of library furniture, shelving, computer networks, and CAD design will help you effectively plan and visualize library spaces to meet the unique requirements of your community.

ACA's research of library behavior

Our library consultants offer a wide range of services related to furniture, shelving, computer networks, and library building design. Here's a summary of the capabilities we can provide:

Our team can develop detailed programs that specify the types of furniture and shelving required for the library. This includes considering factors such as functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics, and space utilization.

Our team can address power requirements and security considerations within the library design. This includes determining electrical needs, ensuring adequate power distribution, and integrating security systems such as surveillance cameras, access control, and alarm systems.


ACA's research of library behavior

Our consultants specialize in designing high-density and compact storage solutions for libraries. This involves optimizing space utilization through innovative shelving systems and storage configurations to accommodate a large volume of materials while maximizing accessibility.

Our team can develop functional programs and specifications for conservation and preservation labs within the library. These specialized spaces are designed to facilitate the handling, repair, and preservation of valuable and fragile library materials.

Our consultants have expertise in developing functional programs that define the specific requirements for shelves in the library. This includes determining the number of shelves needed based on the collection size, anticipated growth, and desired organization scheme.

Our team utilizes computer-aided design (CAD) software to create detailed library building layouts. This allows for precise visualization of the space, including the arrangement of furniture, shelving, equipment, and other architectural elements.

2D CAD, 3D AutoCAD, and Computer-Animated Walk-throughs: Our library consultants employ various CAD tools, including 2D CAD and 3D AutoCAD, to create accurate and comprehensive designs. Additionally, the use of computer-animated walk-throughs provides dynamic and interactive virtual tours of the library space, offering a realistic preview of the design concept.

ACA's research of library behavior

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD can actively engage with the community, stakeholders, and staff to create a library that meets their needs and aligns with strategic goals.

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