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Our library consultation process is designed to offer a comprehensive analysis of the conditions you value and the objectives you aim to achieve. We recognize that your library is more than just a repository of books; it's a hub of knowledge, innovation, and learning.

ACA's research of library behavior

Open community forums allows for broad participation and input from community members. These forums create an inclusive environment for sharing ideas, concerns, and aspirations related to the library project.

Focus groups provide an opportunity to delve deeper into specific topics or target user groups. These groups facilitate focused discussions and allow for more detailed insights and perspectives.

Visual assessments help evaluate existing spaces, identify opportunities for improvement, and inform the design process. They allow for a thorough analysis of the physical environment and aid in identifying design considerations.

Zoom webinars enable efficient and effective information sharing with a broader audience. Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD Webinars allow for presentations, Q&A sessions, and gathering feedback from stakeholders who may not be able to attend in-person meetings.


ACA's research of library behavior

Our team tests the design. We provide space comparisons that help inform decision-making by evaluating different spatial configurations, layouts, and design options. Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD analysis ensures that the chosen design aligns with the library's goals and meets the community's needs.

Our team has experience improving staff and operations. Here we work with the staff during the planning process, which ensures that the design accounts for functional requirements, workflows, and staff needs. This helps create an efficient and supportive working environment for library personnel.

ACA's research of library behavior

We work with vendors and research furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) to develop architectural budgets. This allows for proper financial planning and allocation of resources. This ensures that the library project accounts for the necessary furnishings, technology, and equipment required for the desired user experience.

Our team is experienced aligning library design efforts with strategic planning initiatives. This ensures that the design supports the long-term goals and vision of the library. It helps create a cohesive and integrated approach to library services and facilities.

ACA's research of library behavior

Master planning or five-year planning strategies ensures that the library design accommodates future growth, changes in technology, and evolving community needs. It promotes sustainability and adaptability in the long term.

We are experienced conducting interviews with stakeholders. This allows for individual perspectives to be incorporated into the design process. It helps capture unique insights, concerns, and preferences, ensuring that the library design reflects the diverse voices of the community.

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD can support your library design process. If you are actively engaging the community, stakeholders, and staff to create a space that truly meets their needs, we can support your efforts. We can align with strategic goals, and foster a sense of ownership and pride within the community.

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Stanford University

New England Institute of Technology


Westhampton Free Library

Beaufort County Library

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Our team of library consultants can provide virtual consulting services and tele-conferencing.

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