The library is operating in a very different world today. Technology is constantly changing evolving in an environment that is increasingly smart, flexible and mobile. The business models underpinning finance, sport, recruitment and training, TV & Film, telecommunications, toys, games and fashion to name a few are changing rapidly. Though a new generation of digital natives assumes everything is available on the web, a huge amount of historical content remains un-digitized and hidden. The library marketplace is part of the online campus. It is an essential ingredient to growing the world’s knowledge base for tomorrow. It is a response to our changing cultural and digital needs, working in partnership with the surrounding environment it provides opportunities for dynamic collaboration.


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  • Digital Collection

What does the library of the future look like?

The online campus is a combination of knowledge services that will serve a vibrant marketplace (public / private environment of services). It will connect a wide range of users with varied needs 24/7. It will offer more opportunities for literacy teaching, learning and research.

Service Planning

Library users are building digital communities of interlinked and contextualized data. The library will enable users to access, tag and reuse library content.

Operations Planning

Users will visit the public campus to use advanced visual environments and tap into the new capabilities of library staff.

Validate Your Services

Users will connect to the online campus and the knowledge economy on the go. The library of tomorrow will reach out to the community when they visit the online campus. For example, pedestrians will receive “pushed” information from Bluetooth beacons near the library or historic place.

Students of Tomorrow

The library of tomorrow will provide unique access to the community. For example, students will be able to access the cloud and hack into satellites for school projects. We need to measure the future needs of the online library.

Online Services and Local Approach

The online library is one of the greatest challenges to libraries. We need to make sure we are offering intellectual heritage through digital means. It is time to start developing the online campus, enabling the community to benefit from the social and economic activities that make up a modern public library.

The Libraries Inventory

Through an integrated customer service model and tiered support services, the online campus will enrich the cultural life of a students and faculty. We offer collection development and analysis to support this endeavor.

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