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Guiding Principles for Public Library Planning

During our planning efforts, everyone gains conceptual knowledge about the service design principles and how the library will use them. The process is educational. Library staff gains from the workshops and shapes how improvements will apply to them. Trained and experienced library consultants will work with you to define the goals and service strategies.

Online Learning: Library Futures

Building collaboration and a reward system changes the user experience. We have developed design principles to build incentives for digital libraries. Supporting online learning and academic support services by integrating library operations and services. Examples include adding disability services, center for student success, tutoring services and extend hours study. Library designs being implemented need best practices to increase library services and improve online learning and access to scholarly resources.

Adaptive Learning Spaces

There are library programming best practices that can be confusing to those who have never built or developed an online library. We do research and help our clients decide which direction to take. Our participation and inclusivity help leadership meet educational and participation goals. Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD planning activities and structure helps bridge the communities understanding of their options. The public library requires collaboration to power into a new library plan. We can provide the expert librarian(s) guidance required.

Collection Development

The expanding world paradigm coming from the new science is changing the way we work with information. Integrated library systems require the organization to invest in self-referencing system and AI, which will maintain itself when the evolving core identity of the collection is defined and managed properly. From our years of internet research on libraries, we are learning that organizations function in many nonlinear ways, which requires libraries to be organized with a variety of services. To tap into our potential, start a design thinking project to uncover the power of your library collections.

Library Automation

Uncovering patterns and broader, systematic views, our work leads to an understanding of the impacts small issues can have on a large question. Because we ask stakeholders for greater levels of openness and authenticity, we can help move culture to a new library future. We practice it to help libraries build on their history and achievements. A successful library is one that builds on the past and preserves the future.

Library Processing Operations

By becoming more consciously aware of what underlies good service we take a mindful approach on many of today's operational challenges. While Aaron Cohen Associates programs support the space planning and library architectural needs, our firm provides technology needs assessments to improve IT integration and service opportunities.

Meta-Awareness and Special Collections Management

Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD has had a long term relationship technology. Our studies supported digital library development as well as special collections, new acquisitions, special collections and operations research and preservation design concepts.

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Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant
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Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant
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Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD : Library Consultant
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