Uncover the clues to the future of your library by partnering with our experienced Library Consultants. We specialize in gathering data, facilitating planning workshops, and engaging in meaningful dialogs with users to uncover hidden progress and potential. Our expertise lies in building functional programs that align with stakeholder needs and aspirations.

With our proven process, we go beyond simply looking out the window and dive deep into understanding your library's unique challenges and opportunities. By gathering data and insights, we uncover valuable information that may be taking place beyond the horizon of your current perspective.

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When embarking on the development of a library program, it is crucial to establish a strong foundation. Our specialized library consultants offer architectural space planning programs that provide a comprehensive outline of the inventory of services, seating arrangements, collections, and technology requirements.

With our expertise in understanding how libraries function, we can help you define service responses that align with your library's mission and goals. By conducting a thorough assessment of your current and future needs, we develop a clear organizational plan that optimizes the use of space and resources.

collaborative space

The library program serves as a crucial framework for defining the communication strategy, IT infrastructure, databases, Integrated Library Systems (ILS), library services, and architectural considerations. It plays a vital role in guiding the development of buildings or services in various settings, including public libraries, academic libraries, and marketing communications teams.

Our experienced library consultant team offers customizable solutions that cater to the specific needs of your project. Whether you require assistance for a single project or seek long-term collaboration through multi-year contracts, we are well-equipped to provide the expertise and support you need.

It's crucial to listen to library users and understand the obstacles they face when it comes to building improvements. One common concern that users may express is a lack of space to sit or work in a group. Providing comfortable and functional seating areas and dedicated collaborative spaces can help address this need and enhance the overall user experience.

Our studies indicate that library users have a strong desire for tomorrow's model of library services, which includes a robust digital asset management service. This service aims to promote and provide access to knowledge resources in various formats, be it print or digital. By effectively managing and curating digital resources, libraries can ensure that users have easy access to a wide range of information and materials, irrespective of their format preferences.

collaborative space

By understanding and addressing the real barriers faced by library users, such as limited space and the demand for digital asset management, libraries can adapt their services to meet evolving user expectations. By creating a user-centric environment that embraces both physical and digital resources, libraries can ensure that they remain valuable and relevant knowledge hubs for their communities.