Library Planning Workshops and Training Programs

Want to do a Library Planning workshop for your organization?

Purchase a 60 minute Library Planning Webinar for up to 50 participants.

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During the session, participants will learn our library planning metrics. They will do exercises and learn from case studies developed over our 45 year history including academic, public, government, medical, law and special libraries. Workshops include examples of: library program measurements, project management, service point design, data analytics, logistics and budget / capital management

We can do Webinars and SKYPE meetings to bridge time zones. We have been doing Webinars for almost 10 years. Check out LLAMA - American Library Association - July 20 2011.

If you are an ALA member, search for our "Physical and Virtual Library Planning" webinar on the LLAMA web site Webinar - LLAMA - American Library Association - August 15, 2012.

Extended List of Past Library Planning Workshops

Visual Scan, Midland Hotel in Manchester, UK
Sept. 3, 2009

CILIP London, Thursday September 3, 2009 
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"The Visual Scan" for Future Orientated Libraries: Full Day Conference 

ACRL 14th National Conference
March 13, 2009

ACRL Conference 
Contact ACRL for more information

Massachusetts Library Association
May 6, 2009

Library Space Planning 
Contact Massachusetts Library Association for more information

California Library Association
October 26, 2007

A Visual Scan at Long Beach Public Library 
Contact California Library Association for more information

New England Library Association
October 13, 2007

Aaron Cohen's Library Planning Guidelines 
Contact New England Library Association for more information

Illinois Library Association
October 9, 2007

Visual Scan for Future Orientated Libraries 
Contact Illinois Library Association for more information

Stanford University
March 23rd & 24th 2007

Aaron Cohen Associates and Michael A. Keller, University Librarian  
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Library of Congress
March 23rd & 24th 2007

Library as Place - Federal Library and Information Network  
Contact FLICC for more information

The Tampa Bay Library Consortium, State Library and Archives of Florida
December 7, 2006

The Visual Scan & the Design of Future Oriented Libraries  
Contact Tampa Bay Library Consortium for more information

Northeastern University
November 3, 2006

Collaborative Learning Environments  
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Millennials, If you build it, will they come?
June 23, 2006

ALA Annual Conference  
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Recent Programs 

Online Workshop
September 19, 2020

World Bank Covid Webinar = Thriving Through COVID-19: How COVID-19 Impacts Planning And Strategy-DCSLA

January 30, 2020

Design Thinking Workshop at SAP

SAP Hudson Yards Design Thinking Workshop

Decemeber 10, 2019

Annual Library Planning Workshop at Steelcase

Steelcase Worklife Seminar

March 14, 2016

Developing a Learning Commons

omputers in Libraries - InfoToday

March 8, 2016

Developing a Learning Commons

Academic and School Librarians gaining ideas on how to improve their library

November 13, 2015

Steelcase NYC - Furniture/Technology/Function

Steelcase Worklife: Key Considerations for Learning Commons Furniture and Design

September 25, 2015

A program that will prepare you to design a learning commons

American Library Assocation Annual Meeting - Innovative Spaces: Creating Dynamic Library/Learning Environments

Conference Workshop
June 27, 2015

Library Planning program with the Exploratorium and Noisebridge at the ALA Conference

Academic Library Planning and Revitalization Institute

March 9, 2015

Library Planning, Design and Innovation Conference

Planning to Transform Your Library
Webinar: LLAMA
Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Library Leadership and Management

Building Holistic Library Assessment: Space + Collections = Effective Service
Annual Conference - Las Vegas
June 28, 2014

American Library Association Annual Meeting - Las Vegas

Library / Learning Spaces for the 21st Century
Steelcase Worklife - NYC
June 5, 2014

Steelcase Worklife - New York

Make Your Library an Incubator for Learning
Georgia Institute of Technology
October 26, 2013

Clough Common / GT Library - Atlanta

The Library is an Incubator for Learning Activities
Library Planning Workshop
March 22, 2013

Steelcase Worklife - New York

American Library Association Annual Meeting 2012
Library Service Planning: Leveraging Your Organization to Transform Your Library
June 23, 2012

American Library Association Annual Meeting - Anaheim

An open-ended discovery of the Phys'Virt Library, a layered concept
May 11, 2012

Steelcase WorkLife Center - San Francisco

New York - Learning Spaces & the Design of Future Oriented Libraries
New York, November 9, 2010

Interested in attending a library planning Workshop?  
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"The Visual Scan" for Future Orientated Libraries
London, May 11, 2010
Manchester, September 7, 2010

Contact CILIP for more information.

Digital Library Learning Spaces
April 15, 2010

Computers in Libraries, Thursday April 15, 2010 
Contact Computers in Libraries for more information.

New York City - Library as Place, Metro / Baruch College
Nov. 20, 2009

Metro, Friday, November 20, 2009 
Contact Metro for more information

Space Planning for Libraries, California Library Association Annual Meeting
Oct. 30, 2009

CLA Annual Conference, Friday, Oct. 30, 2009 
Contact CLA for more information

"The Visual Scan" for Future Orientated Libraries:

Our recent workshops confirmed our belief that the knowledge environment is changing. The physical library - library as place - will continue to be increasingly important because of its multi-function use.   For this reason, the interior of the library must be designed for group process, individual study and efficient operations.

How will you transform the library building and what language will you use to develop a functional building program?

We can help you validate the value of your library. We can facilitate a workshop that details the need and defines the special program measurements required to build future-orientated libraries.

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