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Team Building for Librarians

The American Library Association Meeting in Chicago is about building connections and partnerships with librarians and information professionals. It is important for our nations library leaders to support the increases in usage and need.

It is very important for the profession to meet and share knowledge. This year we are attending a number of events that will support the future of libraries. For example, this year there is program on Learner Center Design and on Library Buildings 2.0. For more information about the conference, LLAMA and LITA are good places to start. Their programs support the need for change.

In light of team building, the Chronical of Higher Education – Episode 51: Building Teams and Trust – describes a key to building a team is trust and concensus.

Team building means that you don’t always have consensus you have to build it. Indeed, a number of activities to support the discovery and structure for change is a vital part of our work. For example, the visual scan is a unique opportunity to build trust while your community is making an evalution of your library.