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Unique Library Design & Planning Workshop

Library Workshop

Aaron Cohen Associates is a unique library design and planning team with a rich history spanning nearly five decades. Unlike traditional architectural firms that primarily emphasize the physical form of buildings, our focus lies in the seamless integration of form and function within library spaces. Our workshops enable us to share our library of specialized programs and cutting-edge designs. It is a unique event that has evolved over the years. We would like pioneers in the field of library design and service development to join us. Register Here for September 15, 2023 we will be facilitating a workshop at Steelcase NYC Columbus Circle.

Library as Place

The workshop will be rooted in practical experience, allowing us to conduct in-depth discussions of library functions and information technology service requirements. In the afternoon, we connect with OrangeBox – Steelcase education interiors.

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September 15, 2023

Most importantly, our library design and planning workshop is distinguished by the enduring impact of programming. For example, our library planning standards and service strategies. During this workshop we will focus on enhancing the quality of library services for years to come. Today, our library programming prowess extends to a wide range of projects, including public libraries, community centers, special collections, and archives. Join us on September 15, 2023 for the Library as Place Workshop in NYC.

Innovative approaches

This workshop will include innovative approaches to library service strategy development. Basically, it involves mapping the integration of flexible and digital public library spaces, as exemplified during our recent library planning projects like Penn State, Cornell, Union Vale, NY, and Attleboro, MA, Belle Isle, OK, Jacksonville Public Library, Boynton Beach, and Ft Lauderdale Main Library in Florida.

In our commitment to creating sustainable and appealing library environments, we collaborate closely with the library community. During this workshop we will help guide participants towards selecting library furniture and equipment that elevate the learning experience, fostering an environment that is both inviting and conducive to knowledge sharing.

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At Aaron Cohen Associates, our goal is to ensure that every library we work on becomes a source of pride for its community, embodying the perfect blend of form, function, and enduring quality. Join us on September 15, 2023 for the Library as Place Workshop in NYC.