Library Digital Planning efforts result in long and short range funding strategies. We integrate building space, collection development and technology requirements. This enables libraries to build on their strategic planning efforts and encourages staff to innovate and upgrade services. It is a whole system approach that engages librarians and appreciates library staff. We work with architecture teams, government officials, private foundations and management to improve projects outcomes.

Our consultants support large and small library projects. We do need assessments, interviews and group activities that help define the space and service requirements for the library. During the pre-planning process, we work with architects and community leaders to build a consensus by facilitating a series of workshops. The programs include space utilization, digital asset management, information technology, audio and visual systems, educational technology, automation, preservation, workflow, technical services, acquisitions, materials management, web technology, staffing, collaborative and learning spaces.

Our library workshops are a learning experience and an opportunity to create innovative designs.


Studies may include: